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Topic: Multiplayer?

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Posted at: 2009-11-10, 00:08

Does anyone who speaks English play multiplayer (or this game at all) anymore???

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Posted at: 2009-11-10, 00:36

Hi aamirus,

most of the players around are speaking English (even if they are from another country and have another mothertounge ;)).

So you will surely find someone to play online.

The internet gaming lobby is most of the times empty, so best check the chat if someone is currently waiting for a game.

Okay.. I'll go to bed now face-wink.png - Wish you much fun playing.

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Posted at: 2013-04-02, 13:31

Hi, at home i have three computers with different os. 1-ubuntu, 2-win xp, 3-win7. At local LAN i can not play between 1-2 or 1-3. Yeah, nice face-sad.png linux and windows are different. At linux i have latest non official 17 release because there are many bugs, for example many time i can not attack other players. But when i play between 2-3 my computer frozen when i click on building, for example when i will see what is inside of that building (win7). At win i use latest 17 release. When i make server with free game my friends jus see the red X. What i have done wrong?

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Posted at: 2013-04-06, 10:42

I remember that there were some bugs on Windows with regards to hosting the game, at least in some older versions. Have you tried with Linux as the host? I thought those problems were fixed at some point, but that may have been after build-17, and since I don't use Windows myself, I'm not sure about this.

As a general rule, you have to use exactly the same version on all computers that are involved, because otherwise differences in the game logic will cause the game to desync.

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