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Topic: toolsmith doesnt work


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Posted at: 2009-09-25, 02:30


i just have the problem, that i have build a toolsmithy (or even more) and the statistics says that i have 5 toolsmiths but none of them goes to the toolsmithy an starts working.

i also have enough hammers (for the toolsmith). I also tried to burn down the toolsmithy and build a new one. i doesnt help

Can someone give me a tip? Moe

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Posted at: 2009-09-27, 14:04

Hi most,

Did you already have some other toolsmithys somewhere? If ye it might be, that all of the 5 were already working somewhere else (statistic shows lit of all wares/workers in your economie) If not and if everything is, as you describe, you obviously faced an unknown bug. Do you have a savegame that shows that behaviour?

Cheers Peter

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