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Topic: The Nile 2rc1

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Posted at: 2015-05-09, 01:58


Finally I've created a map. It is too new for current Widelands' site, so I have to share it by another server:

This is completely rebuilt The Nile map. If you see any bug- please report to me. The map is made as equal to 
most of players. Opposit situations: Blue & Red; Yellow & Green; Orange & Black & White & Purple. Designed for 
games: (Red vs Blue), (Yellow & Blue vs Red & Green), (White & Purple vs Orange & Black), (Blue & white & 
Purple vs Red & Orange & Black), (Yellow & Purple & White vs Red & Green & Black & Orange), (Blue & Yellow & 
Purple & White vs Red & Orange & Black & Green)

Please download, check and play. If you see any bugs- please report them to me. Also any suggestions are welcomed! face-smile.png

One more thing: this map will not work with older versions of Widelands! I was creating it with dev7454 version, so probably that or newer is welcome. Older ones (including Build-18) can not open the map at all or cause error.

Edited: 2015-05-09, 02:01

calculations & maps packages:
backup website files:

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Posted at: 2015-05-09, 14:02

what does it mean that it is too new for the current site? I made a map and posted it a few weeks ago, there was no problem with it (by the way, I'd love to have a chance to play archipelago sea with humans). also about the fact that all terrains are shared, you just need a version newer than build 18.

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Posted at: 2015-05-09, 20:25

The change is in version 7447, committed to trunk on 2015-04-25. Einstein's Widelands version is newer than that.

We need to give SirVer a shout when he's back, so he can update the website.

Edited: 2015-05-09, 20:27

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