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Topic: ScreenShots and Pics uploading for Posts

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Posted at: 2013-12-26, 17:31

I miss Feature to upload Images for Posts. Even off-topic these could make Posts looks fresher and give quicker Idea what's about. May be other Users know all to use Image-Shack or any other Service but I feel comfortable with Idea to upload there where specific Stuff concerns to.

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Posted at: 2013-12-26, 18:03

You are far away from being new in our forum, therefore I assume you have already read from our rule of thumb several times - and well, I already told you - so please keep to the rules: bugs and feature requests go to the appropriate bug tracker. And by the way: a very quick search on our bug tracker pointed me to:

bug 964452

so although your reasoning is valid, basically this is a doubled bug report on the wrong place.

Edited: 2013-12-26, 18:04

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