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Posted at: 2013-12-08, 08:42

Forgive me that I ask such a simple question, but after reading many pages in the Tutorial, I still don't understand how to use the Resources Tool. Many things are told about where to put resources but not how to use the tool. What I don't know is how to switch between "Change Value" and "Set Value" function. Currently only Set Value is available for me. (bzr-6820)

And if I may put a suggestion, it would be a nice function if somehow the values of resources at locations could be made to display (numerical values). Perhaps as an extra switch or key to make them appear, if that is possible.

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Posted at: 2013-12-08, 10:14

There are Keys to modify the value applied. Notice the mouse pointer is changing while holding the right key.

mouse botton: add the "change value"
Shift key + mouse: substract the "change value"
Alt key + mouse: set the "set value" and overwrite

To view a numeric value would be great. Can't tell if there is such a feature. I guess not.
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