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Topic: alternate graphics


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Posted at: 2013-07-09, 21:16

Well, if you see the problem in the less pixely look and not in the hrroible border, I think we won't get anythere :). The earthpatches in the gras look quite nice for my taste and would even look better, if the game won't cut the texture in little triangles :). I don't see quite the variation in the old greyish pixels, that are supposed to mimic mountains either. I could make much more variation in the textures, but due the cutting into triangles it is impossible to make that look good, because I can't give them borders, that make the textures appear seemless... the meddow with earth would go seamless into the ones with the flowers... if they would kept in tact.

But thanks for trying them out and putting a comparison screenshot up. So anybody can choose better.

I hope, that I did not sound angry, because I'm not. Graphics are a matter of taste and sense of style, and we appear not to share the same thoughts there. Schade ;).

So I keep developing my own version of widelands :D.

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Posted at: 2013-07-09, 23:07

I personally like the 90s-style "pixely" look, but I see the benefit in giving users the choice to download other textures if they want. I think in a game like Widelands most users look for beauty in the game logic, not the graphics. Just my thought.

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Posted at: 2013-07-10, 05:40

Hi excruciated and welcome to the forums!

Bjorn, I feel really terrible for constantly denying your artwork - you have so much talent and it is so great that you are interested in Widelands and contribute your time to it. It feels like pure chance that nothing really fit perfectly yet (from my point of view of course :)). I am positive that we are converging and that future stuff of yours will enrich the game. Please keep posting them here in the forum - your work is very much appreciated.

That said - I do not feel like my opinion in matters of graphics is more important than others. I really wish to hear more opinions from more people about the textures.

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Posted at: 2013-07-10, 10:32

I do not like Bjorn's version neither. The grass is much darker, this does not fit to the "friendly" greenland. The triangles are also visible on the default texture if you look closely, but the borders are not that flashy - I like a soft change from one type to another. This is a problem in the current texture with the meadow next to the mountain, that changes from stony meadow to normal meadow. (Have a look at the meadow - mountain meadow - high mountain meadow - mountain in the desert world. They show a nice transition.) Bjorn solved that by changing the whole type of the terrain type - now the lushest looking meadow is next to the mountains, which I do not like neither. There are also strange yellow points in the new texture. I am not sure what they represent (flowers?), but I find them confusing. Bjorn's mountains look like desiccated soil to me (grey instead of brown), I think this type of texture can be used better in the desert world.

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Posted at: 2013-07-10, 12:12

Let me first say that I'm not a graphician so I couldn't have done any of the work you did by myself.

I prefer the textures currently in the game. The green of the grass is too dark for me, especially with the mentioned earthpatches. And the very hard edges of the triangles look a bit unnatural. The little flowers are ok then. The new mountains look like they are of pure stone, and give also a darker impression. This could be fine for just parts of a mountain, but not for the whole one. Well, maybe it's simply because I'm used to the old textures...

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