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Topic: Mountains: Matterhorn - Pyramid wit hTriAngular FootArea

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Posted at: 2013-02-20, 16:24

(1) I would like to make Mountains which don't have to be hexagonal due to I want them 'pointy'. Eg I can't create the MatterHorn. (2) I suggest to relax somewhat the Level-Needs of Buildings: If there is almost no perceptable unleveled Area the Area can't often take no Buildings. Pointed said: you have either flat Area for Buildings or Mountains but can't have both and thus no Swiss-Tribe with Vilages in the Mountains. I wonder also why I can't mine for Minerals if Grass growth over the Grounds (Matter of Terrain-Surface-Texture mapped Terrain-UnderGround-Type). In Winter all Units have to stay Home if there is Snow on the Roads and Areas. Mining neighbored to snowed Area means lesser Resources as under Ice no Resources can exist.

In particular for Emperials I run most quickly out of Material for Marble and as Map-Desinger i won't make Map looking realistic for Price nobody can anywhere build Sites and for Empirials with permanent Insufficiency for Marble I don't like to embellish Mountains by Snow or meadowed Terrain if that means just Waster of Map-Area as theses Measdows are almost unusable and Snow even don't allow crossing it. Matter of being impassable should be an Attribute. I did try to extend a Map for Ports and found that I can't blue Area for Sites if there are Trees but I won't lumber the Map to be able to blue Site-Positions. A single CheckBox for enabling Ports resp Radio-Button if Ports for all green or selective Assignment would solve most Problems at that Side. When Ships gonna ride changing Maps would take Time we better invest into CheckBox and RadioButtons instead manual Editing of GameMaps. Technical enabled Ships won't mean practical playable Maps with Ports without additional Work with MapEditor or SourceEditor. So my Idea is that CBox and RButton may be the Tail but without the Bird won't fly and therefore making the Tail serves the whole Bird.

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