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[TOC] ¶

# WL Tournament 2016 ¶

As always, the tournaments goal is to have fun with widelands and to iron out bugs. ¶

Questions can be posted in the according [forum thread]( or addressed directly to [king_of_nowhere]( ¶

## Who can participate? ¶
Its open for everyone: Developers, casual gamers, fans, followers, everyone. ¶
Playing together is possible via internet or local network. ¶

##When? ¶
* Registrating: until November 13th 2016 ¶
* Preliminaries: to be determined ¶
* Finals: to be determined ¶

##How to register? ¶
* per private message to [king_of_nowhere: clicky]( ¶
Include ¶
1. your (nick)name ¶
2. which tribe you will play in the first game ¶

##Rules ¶
* Playmode is to be determined (TODO: king_of_nowhere) ¶

* Playing which tribe? Your favorite! When you register, include which tribe you want to play in your first match. After the game, let king_of_nowhere know which tribe you want to play in your next match. So its defined, but secret until the start of the next game. ¶
* Playing which map? For each game, there is a predetermined map defined by king_of_nowhere. ¶
* The game version should be build 19 rc-1 or a newer development version. Make sure care that every player of a game use the same game version. ¶
* Games are hosted by one of the players or another person. To find someone, who hosts a game for players, ask in the [IRC chat]( ¶
* After every game, **all** players send a private message to [king_of_nowhere]( with ¶
1. I won! / I lost ¶
2. indication which tribe to play in the next game. ¶
3. One of the winners has to send in a replay of the game (see next section for instructions). You will receive an email address to send the replay to. ¶
4. Please also add the version of the game (as that is important to be able to watch the replays). ¶

### Where do I find the replays I have to send in? ¶

A replay consists of two files (a .wgf and a .wrpl); both must be sent in. ¶
Widelands saves those files into its replays directory automatically. You have ¶
to send both files via Mail to king_of_nowhere. Also include the version of widelands ¶
you played (the information in the bottom right corner in the main menu of ¶
widelands) as king_of_nowhere needs to use precisely this version to check the files. ¶

To find the right replay: the naming of the replay is the date and time it was created + whether it was a multiplayer or single player game. If you are unsure, best run the replays via the replay menu in Widelands' main menu. ¶

Replays are saved in the following places for the different operating systems: ¶

#### Windows ¶

In <userhomedir>\\.widelands\\replays where <userhomedir> is the Directory all user data is saved in (e.g. C:\\User\\Nasenbaer ). Zip the two corresponding files up and send them in. ¶

#### Mac OS X ¶

In `~/.widelands/replays`. This folder is hidden by default, access it via the ¶
`Open Folder` menu item in the Finder (Keyboard shortcut is Shift+Cmd+G). Enter ¶
`~/.widelands/replays` in the location bar and click the Ok button. Zip up the ¶
two files of your game for easier sending. ¶

#### Linux ¶

In '~/.widelands/replays'. Zip the two corresponding files up and send them in. ¶

## Bracket ¶


## Replays ¶

TODO: add link to replay downloads ¶

Make sure to have the same game version as the replay to watch them. The version of the replay is indicated at the end of the replay name. ¶

To get older game versions, you have to build them yourself (see [BuildingWidelands]( or use a daily build if available (see [Download_Unofficial_development_builds]( ¶

To watch a downloaded replay, you have to unzip the file and put the two files (.wrpl and .wrpl.wgf) into the widelands folder "replays" (this folder may be hidden). Then you can open the replay in your game by chosing "watch replay" at the beginning. ¶

## Updates ¶

### October 25th ¶

Announcement. ¶