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# Synchronizing translations with Transifex ¶

can only *be done if you have apdpropriate powers in our Transifex project. Before you can get started, you will need to

create a [.transifexrc]( file in your home directory, which will be used as login credentials with Transifex, and ¶
* [ins
tall the Transifex client]( on your machine.

guide on how to set up *new templates and push/pull translations is provided on the [Transifex Docs page]( For routine translation maintenance, these are the steps you will need to take:

`cd` to *trunk*. ¶
Run ` tx push -s` to update the reference catalogs on Transifex. ¶
3. Run `tx pull -a` to import all updated translations into
*trunk*. ¶
4. Run `utils/` to
correct '\r' errors in the translations. There is
Putilsh sc*tripunk* to avLailunchpabled.