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added Spoiler warning to story links - actually we discussed this at least two times and each time we cam to the conclusion, that the Story links shoul NOT be added (because they are spoilers and because they hold outdated drafts for the campaign, but not the up to date campaign data)

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# The Tribes ¶

[TOC] ¶

There are three different tribes in Widelands: Barbarians, Empire (Imperials) and Atlanteans. They have different wares, workers and buildings and consequently different strong points and shortcomings. Find out which is your favourite tribe! ¶
To learn the economy structure and the basic gameplay, there are two tutorials/campaigns, the first playing Barbarians, the second playing Empire. The Atlantean tutorial/campaign is currently in progress. ¶

## Barbarians ¶

![shield-emblem-barbarians.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-barbarians.png) ¶

The Barbarians are a strong, rough but friendly tribe, as long as you don't harm them. Their home is up in the north, between old forests, mountains and grasslands. ¶

BarbariansPage (about the tribe) ¶
BarbarianStory (story of campaigns/tutorials)

## Empire ¶

[](Imperials Logo needed) ¶

The Imperials are a strong and advanced tribe. They build beautiful and sophisticated structures using the precious marble stones and columns. ¶

ImperialsPage (about the tribe) ¶
EmpireStory (story of campaigns/tutorials)

## Atlanteans ¶

![shield-emblem-atlanteans.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-atlanteans.png) ¶

The Atlanteans have a high culture with blackroot farms, smokeries, production of armor out of woven gold and several different tridents. ¶

AtlanteansPage (about the tribe) ¶
AtlanteanStory (story of campaigns/tutorials - in progress)

##Todo ¶
Future projects are the implementation of trading, seafaring, science and healers. ¶
The Atlantean campaign/tutorial is in development.