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# The Tribes ¶

[TOC] ¶

There are three different tribes in Widelands: Barbarians, Empire (Imperials) and Atlanteans. They have different wares, workers and buildings and consequently different strong points and shortcomings. Find out which is your favourite tribe! ¶
To learn the economy structure and the basic gameplay, there are two tutorials/campaigns, the first playing Barbarians, the second playing Empire. The Atlantean tutorial/campaign is currently in progress. ¶

## Barbarians ¶

![shield-emblem-barbarians.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-barbarians.png) ¶

The Barbarians are a strong, rough but friendly tribe, as long as you don't harm them. Their home is up in the north, between old forests, mountains and grasslands. ¶

(about the tribe)
BarbarianStory (story of campaigns/tutorials)

## Empire ¶

[](Imperials Logo needed) ¶

The Imperials are a strong and advanced tribe. They build beautiful and sophisticated structures using the precious marble stones and columns. ¶


(about the tribe)
EmpireStory (story of campaigns/tutorials)

## Atlanteans ¶

![shield-emblem-atlanteans.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-atlanteans.png) ¶

The Atlanteans have a high culture with blackroot farms, smokeries, production of armor out of woven gold and several different tridents. ¶

(about the tribe)
AtlanteanStory (story of campaigns/tutorials - in progress) ¶

##Todo ¶
Future projects are the implementation of trading, seafaring, science and healers. ¶
The Atlantean campaign/tutorial is in development.