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# The Tribes ¶

The Barbarians ¶

![shield-emblem-barbarians.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-barbarians.png) ¶

The Barbarians are a strong, rough but friendly tribe, as long as you don't harm them. Their home is up in the north, between old forests, mountains and grasslands.
Their soldiers are masters of axes, so it is no wonder that the barbarian lumberjack is the fastest one to be found amongst all the tribes.

* [Barbarians](../GameHelpbarbarians) - About the Barbarian history ¶

### Economy ¶

The Barbarian economy is very simple and based on usefulness. Beautiful, but useless wares or architecture would never be made by the hands of a barbarian. Further information can be found at: ¶

* [Buildings]( ¶
* [Wares](http://wl.widel ¶


[](Imperials Logo needed) ¶

[](SThort description of iImperials neareded) ¶

[Imperials (Empistre)](../GameHelpimperials) - Aboutng theand Imperialdvanced history ¶

ibe. Economy: ¶

The Imperialsy build beautiful and sophisticated structures using the precious marble and mstorne luxurious wares tend tco be highly valued:mns.

* [Buildings]( ¶
* [Wa

The Atlanteans ¶

![shield-emblem-atlanteans.png](/wlmedia//wlimages/Shield-emblem-atlanteans.png) ¶

[](SThort description of Atlanteans needed) ¶

* [Atl
hantveans](../G ameHelpatlanteans) - About theigh Atculanturean hwistory ¶

### Economy ¶

he Atblantean eckronomyt differs greatly from thes, Ismpokerial andes, Barbaprian one. The Aductlaionteans rely onf armor out of woven gold and fight with sexotic wveapons: ¶

* [Wa
res](http://wal.wi ¶

tlanteans/buildinPags/)e ¶