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# What is the Widelands Project? ¶

Widelands is an open source (GPLed) real-time strategy game. It is built upon the SDL and other open source libraries and still under heavy development. If you knew Settlers I & II™ (© Bluebyte), then you already have a rough idea what Widelands is all about. Yes, it is where the inspiration for Widelands came from. ¶
## Status ¶

As stated before, Widelands is a work-in-progress game and, it seems, that it will ever be one. New features are added in each release. So, if you miss a feature, let us know. The current version has got at least these features: ¶

* Four Worlds (Tile Sets) (Greenland, Winterland, Blackland and Desert) ¶
* Three Tribes (Barbarians, Imperials and Atlanteans) ¶
* Several playable single player (tutorial) missions ¶
* Maps for single and multiplayer mode ¶
* Save and load of
single and multiplayer games ¶
* Ability to build a settlement from scratch ¶
* Military and warfare (Attacking, Training, defending, conquering of military buildings) ¶
* A map editor, to build your own maps and campaigns

We release beta versions ("builds") often, so that you can keep up with the state of the art all the time. Simply head over to the [download section](, and you'll find the newest release there. ¶

New builds are announced on the mailing list widelands-announce at, on our launchpad site and on the frontpage of our homepage. Please visit [this page]( to subscribe to the list. ¶

If you are impatient and brave enough you can check out the source code from our repository directly and build on your own or download compiled versions. For more informations read BuildingWidelands or visit DownloadPage and [our forum for technical help]( The changelog can be found [here]( ¶

* [Downloads](../DownloadPage) - Where can you get Widelands? ¶
* [Widelands' FAQ](../WidelandsFaq) - Often asked questions and answers ¶
* [Reporting Bugs](../ReportingBugs) - You found a bug? Tell us about! ¶
* [Wanna help?](../WannaHelp) - Do you want to help us? ¶
* [Donations]( - A list of all users, who donated to us. ¶
* [Developers](../DevelopersPage) - Who is developing Widelands? What is the "Widelands Development Team"? ¶
* [Contacts](../ContactPage) - How to contact us and stay up-to-date. ¶
* [Links](../LinksPage) - Related links: bug trackers, mailing lists... ¶
* [Changelog](/changelog) - What's the difference between our last releases? ¶
* [Roadmap](../RoadMap) - What is left to do until our next release?