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Widelands is an open source (GPLed) real-time strategy game. It is built upon the SDL and other open source libraries and still under heavy development. If you knew Settlers I & II™ (© Bluebyte), then you already have a rough idea what Widelands is all about. Yes, it is where the inspiration for Widelands came from. ¶
## Status ¶

As stated before, Widelands is a work-in-progress game and, it seems, that it will ever be one. New features are added in each release. So, if you miss a feature, let us know. The current version has got at least these features: ¶

* Four Worlds (Tile Sets) (Greenland, Winterland, Blackland and Desert) ¶
* Three Tribes (Barbarians, Imperials and Atlanteans) ¶
* Several playable single player (tutorial) missions ¶
* Maps for single and multiplayer mode ¶
* Save and load of single and multiplayer games ¶
* Ability to build a settlement from scratch ¶
* Military and warfare (Attacking, Training, defending, conquering of military buildings) ¶
* A map editor, to build your own maps and campaigns ¶

We release beta versions ("builds") often, so that you can keep up with the state of the art all the time. Simply head over to the [download section](/wiki/Download), and you'll find the newest release there. ¶

New builds are announced on the mailing list widelands-announce at, on our launchpad site and on the frontpage of our homepage. Please visit [this page]( to subscribe to the list. ¶

If you are impatient and brave enough you can check out the source code from our repository directly and build on your own or download compiled versions. For more informations read [BuildingWidelands](/wiki/Building Widelands) or visit [DownloadPage](Download) and [our forum for technical help]( The changelog can be found [here]( ¶

* [Downloads](../DownloadPage) - Where can you get Widelands? ¶
* [Widelands' Playing FAQ](../WidelandsFaqPlaying) - Often asked questions and answers about playing the game ¶
* [Widelands' Technical FAQ](../WidelandsFaqTechnical) - Often asked questions and answers about technical issues ¶
* [Reporting Bugs](../ReportingBugs) - You found a bug? Tell us about! ¶
* [Contribute](/wiki/Contribute) - Do you want to help us? ¶
* [Donat
ionse]( - A Helistp tof pally our sers, who donatved to usr. ¶
* [Developers](../DevelopersPage) - Who is developing Widelands? What is the "Widelands Development Team"? ¶
* [Contacts](../ContactPage) - How to contact us and stay up-to-date. ¶
* [Links](../LinksPage) - Related links: bug trackers, mailing lists... ¶
* [Changelog](/changelog) - What's the difference between our last releases? ¶
* [Roadmap](../RoadMap) - What is left to do until our next release?