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### Developer's goals ¶

At the end of the day, it's what the developers are doing more than any kind of issue tracker or Wiki list that determines the features and improvements of the next release. Therefore, developers are encourages to explain in this section what their plans for the future are. Note, however, that these sections might easily be out of date, and you should feel free to check the [page history](../history/RoadMap/) and ask on the [mailing list]( if a section hasn't been changed in a long time. ¶

#### Nicolai ¶

* Implement new style save/load for Bobs

* F
/Burther work on military system (takding over MilitarySites)

#### sigra ¶
* [get rid of line numbers in worker/critter_bob programs]( ¶
* [implement map regions (and an editor tool for it)]( ¶
* change trigger types to operate on map regions instead of point+radius ¶
* implement the new event types conquer_region and reveal_region but keep conquer_area and unhide_area ¶
unchanged because they can also be used in initializations (and ¶
compatibility with old savegames of scenarios) ¶
* implement the new trigger types not, and and or, which take other triggers as operands ¶
* scrap the trigger conditional code ¶
* have editor UI for all event and trigger configuration that should be used to create scenarios ¶
* update the existing scenarios to the new event/trigger features ¶

#### timowi ¶
* stop construction sites (works basically) ¶
* modify economy code so that requests can be suspended ¶
* more control of storage of wares (stop storing a ware in a warehouse, send everything out, ...) ¶
* find this bug that wares sometimes brought out and in a warehouse ¶

### GGZ improvements ¶

This is the list of ideas for improving the use of ggz (metaserver). Every help in reaching these goals is appreciated. Best ask me (Nasenbaer) if you like to help (or even would like to get the main developer :) ) ¶
These things are not planned to be release until a specific date or release - just here so no good idea gets lost. ¶

#### Server sided: ¶

* widelands_game_server module should check connectablity of games and should only mark connectable games as open - the hosting player will get a message, if his server is not connectable ".. Behind firewall/router ?" ¶
* Implement output of chat, users and game list via grubby bot to a website module. ¶
* Implement statistic functions (after (1)Widelands handles victories, etc. && (2)Login features are implemented) - the widelands UI for the stats must of course be implemented as well. ¶

#### Widelands client: ¶

* Login feature (with options for Anonymous, register new, login registered) ¶
* Statistics UI + (of course) statistics and victory handling in game ¶
* Games completely via ggzd (which would fix the problems with NAT, firewalls, etc. ¶
* Admin features for admin users (ggzd already supports admin users) ¶