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### Developer's goals ¶

At the end of the day, it's what the developers are doing more than any kind of issue tracker or Wiki list that determines the features and improvements of the next release. Therefore, developers are encourages to explain in this section what their plans for the future are. Note, however, that these sections might easily be out of date, and you should feel free to check the [page history](../history/RoadMap/) and ask on the [mailing list]( if a section hasn't been changed in a long time. ¶

#### Plans for build 17 ¶

##### !SirVer ¶

I want to concentrate on the editor and game content for build 17. This will ¶
also include further expansion of the Lua scripting support to allow for access ¶
to the Descr classes from Lua. There are two multiplayer scenarios that are ¶
already in the making together with Nasenbaer, a second mission for the ¶
atlanteans and I do want to add more. ¶

For the editor I have a lot of older code that does some refactoring and kills a ¶
lot of TODOs. I want to bring this into a state that makes it mergable. Then, I ¶
want to fundamentally rework the editor to make it easier to extend and more ¶
flexible. I might try to make the [Player Infrastructure]( and/or [Map Regions]( finally a reality. ¶

##### chuckw ¶
For graphics development in general for Build 17, I'd like to see the Blender models completed for as many animated objects as possible that as yet have none. This includes completing the remaining barbarian buildings and addressing as many animal and tree bobs as we can accomplish. No small task. I think we could also aim to complete "Build" animation for the remaining buildings for which it is missing. At the same time, I would like to provide "Working" animation for as many buildings as possible. Of course, the Graphicians will fully support the seafaring initiative. We will also explore the exploitation of Python 3 and Blender 2.5+ for ultimate migration from Blender 2.49. Finally, we have just started an effort to rework the graphics in the User Interface. I think this will keep us busy for a while. :) ¶

My personal goals as a graphics artist include learning all that I can about Blender 2.5+ in preparation for migration and its utilization. I also hope to further my knowledge of GIMP and its extensions. My initial personal focus is completion of the 3d models for the barbarian buildings. Then I'll see what additional animation I can provide. I'd also like to pursue some 2D images to accompany the opening storyline for the Atlantean and possibly the other tribal campaigns. ¶

##### Nasenbaer ¶
I am still a bit unsure how my time management will look like in the next time, so see my personal roadmap as "future roadmap", not as a "build17 roadmap" ;). ¶

My long term goals are: ¶

* Helping !SirVer (and hopefully some new scenario designers) to add new scenarios and campaign maps ¶
* Helping Timowi with the completion and merging of the ggz branch ¶
* Bringing seafaring further ¶

The later two already have got bzr branches - I would like to bring them ¶
both up to a state, that they are mergeable and merge them into trunk ¶
after every small milestone that is reached. ¶