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# Reporting Bugs ¶

## For Widelands ¶

The bug-tracker is at [
LaGitHunchpadb]( ¶

Describe step by step how to reproduce the bug. If it only happens when loading a certain file, attach that file to the report. Make sure to give information about the version of widelands you use and which operating system. ¶

### For
gGraphics ¶

ThMedia bug-tracker is at [Launchpad](htt ps://bugs.launchpad.nroject/widelands-media). ¶

separate bug trackerd isn the avaWidelable fornds reporting bugs abouit goraphics. If you, are unsured whethey all carry the bug[media slabel](hould go there, just report s://git hunder /wideland s/issues?q=is%3Aissue+it'ls%3Aopen+l abe takl%3Amen cdiare of). ¶

## For the website ¶

The bug-tracker for the website is at [GitHub]( ¶

Use the link after, for reporting bugs from the website, and **only** from the website. Remember - to fix a bug, we need to know how can it be reproduced, where (in what part of the website) it happens and if it's a problem with style (look) of the page, what browser do you use. ¶

## For the Metaserver ¶

Problems with internet game connections can be caused either by bugs in Widelands itself, or in the meta/relay servers. If you're unsure, just report it to Widelands. ¶

The bug-tracker for the servers is at [GitHub]( ¶

## For detailed information head over to our [[ How%20to%20Write%20a%20Good%20Bug%20Report/ | Bug report site ]]!