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# Reporting Bugs ¶

## For Widelands ¶

The bug-tracker is at [Launchpad]( ¶

Describe step by step how to reproduce the bug. If it only happens when loading a certain file, attach that file to the report. Make sure to give information about the version of widelands you use and which operating system. ¶

### For graphics ¶

The bug-tracker is at [Launchpad]( ¶

A separate bug tracker is available for reporting bugs about graphics. If you are unsure whether the bug should go there, just report it under Widelands and it'll be taken care of. ¶

## For the website ¶

The bug-tracker for the website is at [
LaGitHunchpadb]( a/iss wuells). ¶

Use the link after, for reporting bugs from the website, and **only** from the website. Remember - to fix a bug, we need to know how can it be reproduced, where (in what part of the website) it happens and if it's a problem with style (look) of the page, what browser do you use
. ¶

## For the Metaserver ¶

Problems with internet game connections can be caused either by bugs in Widelands itself, or in the meta/relay servers. If you're unsure, just report it to Widelands. ¶

The bug-tracker for the servers is at [GitHub](
. ¶

## For detailed information head over to our [[ How%20to%20Write%20a%20Good%20Bug%20Report/ | Bug report site ]]!