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# Customizing Widelands ¶

In the end, Widelands will be extensible, so that you can create your own type of tribe with their own sets of buildings. You can create new worlds to play in, and you could even create new types of worlds (who says you can't build a settlement on the moon?). ¶

### Customizing Your Personal Game Data Using conf files ¶
* For examples of code for Production Sites, see ProductionSiteProgramReference ¶
* WorkerCommands contains the instruction codes for workers and sample instructions using the codes. This page is under development. ¶

There are also few posts in the forum about customization (currently only one): ¶
* Creating wares tutorial [topic #108](/forum/topic/108/) ¶

### Customizing using scripting ¶
* For documentation on Lua scripting in Widelands, see [Lua Scripting](