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## Tutorial to the Widelands' Map Editor ¶
*< back to EditorHelpTutorial* ¶
### What Remains to be Done ¶
We have completed the landscape and placed all goods, now for the final steps: ¶

#### Set the Starting Points ¶
We have to determine how many tribes may play on this map and set their starting points. ¶

Image | Description ¶
----- | ------- ¶
![editor-tutorial-remaining-stuff1.jpg](/wlmedia//wlimages/Editor-tutorial-Remaining-stuff1.jpg) | For that, open the Players Menu (sixth button at the screen's bottom
or shortcut P). ¶

Add more players by clicking at the arrow up. Rename them if you wish, choose which kind of tribe they shall be on default or if the map is played as a scenario (Barbarians, Atlanteans, Empire) and ultimately, click onto the sign with the player's colour to place the Starting Point. Starting Points may only be placed on green spots (large buildings) and in a minimum distance to each other.
See also [the help section for this option](/wiki/EditorHelpPlayerOptions/).

#### Map Options ¶
In the [Editor's Main Menu](../EditorHelpMainMenu) there is a button labelled 'Map Options', leading to a likewise named menu. ¶

Image | Description ¶
----- | ------- ¶
![editor-tutorial-remaining-stuff-mapoptionsmenu.jpg](/wlmedia//wlimages/Editor-tutorial-Remaining-stuff-mapoptionsmenu.jpg) | Here you can give the map its name, which will be displayed in the game while choosing the map, the author's name (yep, yours) and a comment (usually to describe the map).
See [this paragraph](/wiki/EditorHelpMainMenu/#map_options) for more information.

After you're done with this, lean back... you've completed both your map and this tutorial! Enjoy playing and creating! ¶

| ~ | ##Links ¶

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[Editor Help](../EditorHelpHelp) ¶