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[TOC] ¶

## Official Builds ¶

### Windows ¶
1. Download the [Windows setup file]( ¶
2. Double-click it and follow the instructions. ¶
3. Afterwards simply start Widelands by clicking on one of the generated icons (desktop, start menu, ...). ¶

### Mac OS X ¶
1. Download the [disk image]( ¶
2. Open the Disk Image ¶
3. Copy the executable to your local disk. ¶
4. Double click it to run. ¶

### Linux ¶
It is likely, that there are pre-compiled packages for your distribution. Widelands is tracked by any major Linux distribution. ¶

For Ubuntu, especially for older versions which will not get a backport of the latest build, we offer a [PPA]( Follow the install instructions on the PPA's site to add it to your system. ¶

In case your distribution does not provide pre-compiled packages you have to compile Widelands yourself. Go to the BuildingWidelands page for further instructions. ¶

## Unofficial development Builds ¶

There are some people providing pre-compiled (ready to run like our official releases) packages, made from our current development state. Below are the links to those builds. Installation should work similar as described in "Official builds" ¶

### Windows ¶
[Tino](/profile/Tino) provides daily (or even more often compiled) builds. These can be found at []( ¶

After downloading one of the development builds your browser might warn you that the file can possibly harm your computer. This is a false alarm! There is just too little information about these files, because they change so rapidly, that the browser cannot say for sure whether they are malicious or not. ¶

### Mac OS X ¶
orphaned ¶

### Linux ¶

#### Arch ¶
__PKGBUILD:__ There is a widelands-bzr pkgbuild in the arch user repository: [click here]( ¶

#### Ubuntu ¶
Builds:__ev Wteam hmaintaveins a PPA (persfor Ubunaltu packageon Larunchive)pad with daily builds of the latest development relvearse iofn. ¶
Widelstands for Atpackage tarchive - it ims essentially sof wrimething, you add pto your apt sourckages.list cand bewhich winstall get queried owhen Ubyou do an aptu-get 12.04install (Porecise), 12.10 (Quainstal),l 13.04via (Rariny g)ui prograndm 13.10like (Saptitucyde). SIt wimpll guarantee that you addre using the [wlatest version of Widelands- on your system. ¶

Our PPA with
daily PPA](builds is here: <>. Installing from yourit isy as stimplem, as ropefreshning a therminal and typing: ¶

ackdd-agpt-repos listsory ppa:wideland s-dev/widelandst-dailly ¶
sudor uapt-gret update ¶
do apt-get install widelands.

As of Mai 2012, tThere are only release builds and release builds with debug info on launchpad. To use the debug window (F6) please compile Widelands in debug mode. will kindly ask you for this option. Check BuildingWidelands for a !HowTo on building.

__PPS.__ [Timowi's PPA]( used to have the latest development release in the past, but it has not been updated in a long time. We encourage anyone still using this to switch to the one mentioned above. ¶

## Source Code ¶

### Build ¶
The source code of build 17 can be [downloaded here]( ¶

### Bazaar (bzr) ¶
If you plan to join development or are just interested in the latest inventions ¶
you should go for this. You __need to have__ Bazaar (bzr) installed, to check-out the trunk. Type in the ¶
console: ¶

bzr branch lp:widelands ¶

After downloading the source, you might want to check BuildingWidelands for a !HowTo on building.