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# Download ¶

## Official Releases ¶

You want to download the newest build? Widelands is using the hosting services of ¶
[SourceForge]( Head over to our [downloads]( page there and ¶
get the latest build for your OS. ¶

__Note:__If you use Linux, it is likely, that there are precompiled packages for your Distribution. Widelands is tracked by any major linux distribution. ¶

The packages are sorted by operating system. __Win32__ stands for all ___Windows___ versions (since 95). The ___Linux___ version is for __i386__. There is also a version for ___MacOS X___ which ends in __*.dmg__. ¶

The packages containing the tag _source_ are the source packages for this release, they usually come in two flavors: ZIP and TAR.BZ2. Both archives contain exactly the same content. ¶

To run Widelands after downloading, just take a look at the following sections and read the one for your OS. ¶

__Windows__ ¶

Download the setup-file, double-click it and follow the instructions. Afterwards simply start Widelands by clicking on that icon. ¶

__Linux__ ¶

Unpack the BZIP2 (tar -xvjf ) or ZIP file. ¶
Enter the newly created directory (cd widelands). ¶
Start the executable (./widelands). ¶

__MacOSX__ ¶

Open the Disk Image; copy the executable to your local disk. Double click to run. ¶

## Getting the Source Code ¶

There are two ways to get the source code. First is, to download the source of ¶
a build number at the Project Page. Note that you have to download the binary ¶
package as well, since they contain the data files needed to play ¶
Widelands. ¶

The second possibility to get widelands is to retrieve it by SVN. ¶
If you plan to join development or are just interested in the latest inventions ¶
you should go for this. All you need is SVN with SSL installed. Type in the ¶
console: ¶

svn co widelands ¶

When SVN asks you if it should accept the certificate of our SVN server, say (p)ermanently. ¶