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# What may I find here? ¶

These pages are for documentation of Widelands' game content like tribes, worlds, campaigns and so on. ¶

This section might be interesting for developers, content designers and artists since graphics, scripts and thoughts about tribes and worlds are to be found here. ¶

What you won't find here is a stable release or tips for solving a certain level. Enter this section only if you're a beta tester, want to participate in development, or merely interested in what happens behind the scenes of Widelands. ¶

Please keep in mind, that the information provided in this section may be spoilers for gamers, since secrets and the story are openly discussed here. So, if you love Widelands and simply want to play it, don't look. ¶

## __The Tribes__ ¶
[BarbariansPage Barbarians](BarbariansPage)
[Imperials](ImperialsPage) (Empire) ¶
## __Storyboards__ ¶
* BarbarianStory ¶
* ImperiumStory ¶
* AtlanteanStory ¶
## __Worlds__ ¶
* GreenlandPage ¶
* BlacklandPage ¶
* WinterlandPage ¶
* DesertPage ¶
## GeneralGraphics ¶