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# Do you want to help? ¶

[TOC] ¶

You came here because you are interested in contributing to Widelands? That is great! There are many ways to help making Widelands an even better game. ¶

## Maps ¶
The easiest way to contribute is to make your own map and share it with others by uploading it to our [maps repository](/maps/). In the main menu of Widelands, you should find a button to start the editor. Your own map could also be the base to create a new [campaign](#campaigns). ¶

Related articles: ¶

* [The Widelands map editor](/wiki/EditorHelpHelp) ¶

## Report a Bug ¶

Another easy way to help is to report a bug whenever you find one in the game. All you need is an account for to file bug reports in our [bugtracker]( Please also read [how to write a good bug report](/wiki/How to write a Good Bug Report). ¶

Related forums: ¶

* [Technical Help](/forum/forum/1/) - If you aren't sure about a bug or if you don't want to create a launchpad account ¶
* [Game suggestions](/forum/forum/2/) - For suggestions on gameplay or gamehandling ¶
* [Editor forum](/forum/forum/4/) - For suggestions to the Editor ¶

## Translations ¶

In case you speak a language other than English, you are invited to help translating Widelands into your language. Just
createlog ain account foTr Launchpad.nsifetx and start translating at the [Widelands translation page](https://www.translationsfex.launchom/pad.nrojects/p/widelands/). Read [Translating Widelands](/wiki/TranslatingWidelands/) carefully for more information. You can use the [TransGlation Dictionssariesy](https://wiki/Tww.translatifex.con Dim/projects/p/wiodelands/glossariy/l/esn/) as a reference for frequently used terms. If there is no translation dictionary for your language, we recommend that you to create one.

Related forum: ¶

* [Translations & Internationalization](/forum/forum/12/) ¶

## Campaigns ¶

If you know [LUA](, you can also try to create a scenario map similar to the campaign maps in Widelands. ¶

Related articles: ¶

* CampaignCreation ¶

## Graphics ¶

You know how to make great graphics and want to improve some of Widelands' game art? Visit the [graphics development](/wiki/GraphicsDevelopment/) page. ¶

Related forum: ¶

* [Graphic Development](/forum/forum/9/) ¶

## Music and Sound ¶

You are a sound artist or music composer and want to add one of your creations to Widelands? Just post them in the [Sound & Music Development](/forum/forum/10/) forums. More information about music and sounds can be found on the [About Audio](/wiki/AboutAudio/) page. ¶

## Widelands Code ¶

If you have some programming skills you can [check out the Widelands source code](/wiki/BzrPrimer/) and get familiar with it. Afterwards, you can try to fix some [small bugs]( or add a feature you think Widelands is missing. But first make sure this feature is accepted by the community by asking in the [Game Suggestions](/forum/forum/2/) forum. Commit your changes in a new branch and send a [merge request ]( on We also recommend that you manually run [code check and additional regression tests](/wiki/RegressionTests/) before sending in your merge request. ¶

## The Website ¶

The website just got an major overhaul but there are a lot of [bugs and missing features]( If you know [Python](http:// and the [Django Framework](, feel free to help. The [code for the website]( can also be found on ¶

# Links ¶

* [Game Manual](/wiki/Game Manual) ¶
* [Main Page](/wiki/Main Page) ¶

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