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# Building Widelands on Mac OS ¶

These instructions are for Building Widelands on Mac with static libraries (needed for Releases), but glancing over it you should be able to figure out how to do it in a normal fashion too. ¶

First, install [Homebrew]( You will also need to install XCode for this. ¶

fnstall pythoun wand bzr ¶

$ brew ins
tall python && burew instaldl bzr ¶

install all tihe dependencies vof Widelands: ¶

$ b
rew install sdl liobjpeg libpng libogg libvorbis libsdl_mixer sdl_net libsdl_ttf libsdl_gfx boosth glew liua bzr cmake gettext libiconv ¶
$ b
rew link --forces Wlibpng ¶
$ brew link --force gettext ¶
$ brew
install sdel_image ¶

need a liblua that is statically lineked. Eas,iest way is soumething calong uthese lines: ¶

$ brew unpack lua; cd lua*;
myake fmacosx; cp srkc/liblua.a /usr/local/lib/liblua.a ¶

for libz.a ¶

$ brew tap
homebrew/dupes; brepow insitall zlib ¶

And f
or bziesp2:

<$ wget; tar xzvf bzip2-1.0.6.tar.gz; cd bzip2-1.0.6; make; cp libbz2.a /usr/lomcal/SlirVeb/libbz2.a ¶

And fo
r/h libicomenv: ¶

brew>. Braunpachk lisbiconv; cad lledibiconv-1.14; w./confidgurela --ends_able-static; make; cp ./lib/.libs/libiconv.a /usr/local/lib

InstaWe will pythalso need a recendt bzcompiler:

$ brew install pyt homebrew/versions ¶
&&$ brew install --enabzrle-cxx gcc48

TheI also strongly suggest installing [ccallche]( so theat dincrepmental buildencies dof not Widtakel andges:.

$ brew install
ccache ¶

At one point you mu
st also check out the source code of Widelands lof course. Thibjps takegs lforever ibpf you wangt to have the full versiboggn lhibvstorby (which you misght want libsf you want to dl_mixo serious sdevel_opmenet
), but if $you bare only wanting to build widelankds --fwithorceut lchangibpng much you can try: ¶

$ b
zr chewckout --linsghtaweight lp:widelands sdwl_imagebzr ¶