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#Instal Building the Developer Tools/XcoWide
First you
laneeds to install Ma compiler. You should do tOS ¶

hies bye installing Xcode. ¶
ru can download it from the Apple Developer Connection web site (free registration required) or from the App Store, althoBugh it is arounld 3GB ing sWizde. ¶
This i
lancludes, amongst mMany other things, _gcc_, which is the compiler sthatic librarie used by most ope(nsource projects, including Widelands. ¶
fompilingr widReleands requires), buse of the commgland lcine,g so bvefore you starit, you should make yoursbelf famibliar with the if you aren'to already. ¶

fing required libraries ¶
order uto build Widelands frhom sourcew you need to have installed some libraries which it depends upon. Depending upon your local installation you maybe also want to install a(nother) version control system like bzr to obtain the lastest trunk source of Widelands. ¶

##Using [MacPorts]( ¶
[The MacPorts Project]( is an open-source community initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. As you will install libraries in your system dirs, you'll need to do so as Administrator via the command sudo - which will require you to enter the administrator password. Further information regarding sudo can be found on [wikipedia]( ¶

###Installing libraries with [MacPorts]( ¶
Before installing any libraries, make sure you have access to the latest ports by updating the local repository by typing the following command to your Terminal-bash window: ¶

*sudo port selfupdate* ¶

Install the libraries: ¶
Note: The installation is very time consuming! ¶

*sudo port install \\* ¶
*libsdl \\* ¶
*libsdl_image \\* ¶
*libsdl_mixer \\* ¶
*libsdl_net \\* ¶
*libsdl_ttf \\* ¶
*libsdl_gfx \\* ¶
*boost \\* ¶
*glew \\* ¶
*lua \\* ¶

###To get the newest source we need [bzr]( ¶
*sudo port install bzr* ¶

###In order to install widelands we need [cmake]( ¶
*sudo port install cmake* ¶

##Getting the newest source ¶
BzrPrimer ¶

##Building Widelands ¶
WidelandsGoingCmake ¶

##Hacking libSDL_image ¶
Under OSX libsdl_image and widelands have some issues. If your water looks like this, your libsdl_image uses the wrong rendering method for images. ¶
![ImageIO]( ¶

To fix this issue, you need to reinstall libsdl_image with the following option: ¶
to do it in a normal fashion too. ¶

First, install [Homebrew]( You will also need to install XCode for this. ¶

If you want to build static version of the libraries Widelands needs, you can use my fork of hombrews repositories: <>. Branch is called widelands_static. ¶

Install python and bzr ¶

$ brew install python && brew install bzr ¶

Then install all the dependencies of Widelands: ¶

$ brew install sdl libjpeg libpng libogg libvorbis libsdl_mixer sdl_net ¶
$ brew link --force libpng ¶
$ brew install sdl_image ¶