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## Building widelands ¶

This page is about building widelands for various OSes. If you managed to build widelands under you OS and you can't find informations about it here, please add them for the other who will come after you and try it. ¶

### Libraries ¶

Widelands depends currently on the following libraries, make sure they all are installed and in the search path of your compiler. The suggested compiler to build widelands is gcc 3, but it might work with other compilers too. ¶

* [libSDL]( >=1.2.11 ¶
* [libSDL_gfx]( ¶
* [libSDL_image]( ¶
* [libSDL_net]( ¶
* [libSDL_mixer]( >= 1.2.6 ¶
* [libSDL_ttf]( >= 2.0.0 ¶
* [gettext]( ¶
* libiconv (on same mirrors as gettext) ¶
* [zlib]( ¶
* [libpng]( ¶
* [Boost]( >= 1.35 ¶
* [Python]( >= 1.5.2 ¶
* [Scons]( >= 1.0.1 ¶

#### optional for internet game metaserver usage ¶

* [libexpat]( ¶
* [ggz-base-libs]( >= 0.99.5

### Building under Linux (i386) ¶

This is actually the most simple of all cases: Get yourself all the libraries, make sure that sdl-config is in your searchpath and hit make in the unpacked widelands source dir. Everything should be ok, you can run the game directly from it's location. ¶

With the new build system (>build-9half), make sure you have Python installed and call scons from wideland's main directory. You can run the game directly from it's location. ¶

For further information, there is a page about UsingTheSconsBuildSystem. ¶

#### Build instructions for Ubuntu ¶

Install all needed packages: ¶

1. __Install all needed packages:__ ¶
** sudo apt-get install build-essential python libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev gettext libiconv-hook-dev zlib1g-dev libpng12-dev libpngwriter0-dev scons libstdc++6-4.3-dev libgcc1 exuberant-ctags optipng libboost1.35-dev subversion ¶

Note: this list is missing some internet gaming packages( libexpat1 libggzmod-dev at least ). ¶

2. __[Download](../DownloadPage) latest build:__ ¶
** svn co widelands ¶

3. __Change directory:__ ¶
** cd widelands ¶

4. __scons:__ ¶
** scons build=release install_prefix=. bindir=. datadir=. localedir=locale

5. __Run__ ¶
** ./widelands ¶

*Note: To match version requirements you may have to force the version of libboost-dev to 1.35 manually; Ubuntu Intrepid seems to default to 1.34 for libboost-dev. To force the version, install libboost1.35-dev instead of the generic libboost-dev.* ¶

*Tip: Though scons seems to detect number of cores automatically, you can fine tune your compile settings with -jN (for example, -j ¶
5) option for scons -- works the same way as with make.* ¶

*Tip 2: The scons build system remembers the parameters passed to it, so the next time you run scons, you do not need to provide the parameters again.* ¶

### Building under Windows ¶

To access SVN, i suggest [Tortoise SVN]( ¶

#### Building under !MinGW ¶

Please visit BuildingWidelandsUnderWindows ¶

#### Building under MSVC ¶

As far as we know, no one has tried this since build 4, so if anyone is brave enough, go for it and post your information here. ¶

### Building under !MacOS X ¶

Widelands is now build using XCode 2 under !MacOs X, you therefore need Mac OS 10.4. You also need some third party libraries, our XCode Project expects them under /opt/local, so the easiest way to install them is using !MacPorts (formerly !DarwinPorts). You'll need the following command (in to install everything needed: ¶

$ sudo port install gettext libpng zlib jpeg libvorbis freetype ¶

Furthermore you need to install the libSDL Frameworks for the following librariers: SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_Net, SDL_Mixer, SDL_TTF, SDL_gfx. You can get them all at []( The SDL-* Libs are available through searching in the [libraries section]( of this page. ¶

To Install them create the Directory /Library/Frameworks/ManuallyInstalled and copy all the *.frameworks directories from the SDL DMG-Images into this new Directory. The Directory name is mandatory (our XCode Project searches there), it is choosen because the Macports libsdl*-framework are not statically linked and are therefore no use for us, but we do not want to interfere with them, since some Ports from Macports depend on them. So we create our own Directory for the manually installed SDL Libs and stay out of the way. ¶
_Note:_there is no SDL_gfx precompiled library for Mac OS X, so you might need to build one (download and unpack sources, unpack XCode project under build/ directory, compile and copy created framework to the same location as other SDL libs). ¶

Now opening the XCode Project in the macos directory of the widelands SVN Tree and compiling should make a working widelands version for your OS X Version and your Hardware (Intel, PPC). This binary should also work on every other Mac with > OS X 10.4 and the same Processor. But beware: there is no universal binary at this point. ¶

Good luck. Help is available on the mailing list. ¶