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## Prologue "__Hate and despite__" ¶

In the time when the heavens were old and the earth still young, our world was ruled by forces that have long since vanished in the memories of mankind. The sky was dark and stormy and bright light illuminated the dark surface of the worlds at night. Red and blue were the dim lights that shone as a sign that there were gods above the empty … that were strong and powerful and would never let any hand or force raise against them. But their number was huge and their spirits complaisant and only few of them kept their minds clear of all filth and blindness. ¶

One of those was Kanraan, the mother of the earth and the goodness of life. It was hers to see, that there would be a time when the gods would raise their powers against each others, seeking for a way to demonstrate greatness and obtain obedience. She knew, no god could ever reign the high heavens alone and that if war came among them, there would be no one left ever after. She knew that the time of the great gods was about to end, and that they would finally find a way to extinct themselves just as many races had tried and failed to do before. ¶

When the night broke down on the world, she left the heavens to walk among the dead desserts of the world. And the grass grew where she walked and the flowers bloomed. Her blood streamed from her hands and her tears filled the oceans and cleared the air. When she died, the trees mourned and the birds sang her the sweetest lullabies ever sung. When the sun rose the next day, the world rose to life. And the young sun that day heart the crying of the first human voice that broke the silent morning of the flowering hills and trees of a world, that be become know as Widelands. ¶

The first people that walked the surface of the green valleys lived in hiding of the gods, that were so busy fighting the Greatest of all Wars as history would remember these dark days. Though busy, the new arrivals would not gone unnoticed and some of the gods turned their hate against mankind. The young people had nothing to set against the power of the heavens and flew the hills of Widelands, to hide in the sea. Bolanthan, the god of the sea and comrade of Kanraan sheltered the seed of his beloved former wife and protected them as if they were his own children. Bolanthan cursed the gods and the oceans shook. From the deepest and purest of all seas, the tribe of the pure rose to follow the call of their master and druid to protect mankind and the green land. The gods lay dying among the stars and Bolanthan triumphed. But when Doltanath, the god of death died, he spilled his blood on the druids eyes, which made him blind forever. Blind for the beauty of the world and blind for the love of heart. Bolanthan drove the gods from this world and the tribe of the pure raged among their former masters. ¶

But the raging wouldn’t stop – Bolanthan was blind to see, that peace was about to rule in Widelands. His heart was filled with pain and hate – in love and lustful hunger for death. ¶

At that time, the young people lived hidden in the deepest of all oceans. Guided by the orders of three young but powerful priests, they called themselves Antlantics in memory of the sea that held them invisible for the raging war. When the three priests set food on land, the voice of their eternal mother called them and made them subdue the raging Bolanthan. His spirit was broken and sealed within the corpse of the eldest of the priests. His body would be imprisoned in a place, that only the three of them knew. The tribe of the pure would be sent away, back in the depths of the oceans where it would wait patiently to hear its master’s voice again. So began the reign of mankind. The eldest priest, weak and loaded with a heavy burden, would remain with the Atlantic tribe, that would settle near to coasts to remain where the roots where. The other priests would leave for other ends of the world to make sure, that mankind would live. ¶

All this happened long ago. ¶

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