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[TOC] ¶

## FAQ ¶

Files from foreign users _can_ contain malicious content. We have applied some basic checks to prevent malicious files, but we can't secure each file. So keep in mind: Opening files attached by other users can may damage your system! ¶

Clicking on a link of an attachment will prompt you for downloading, or open it with an application on your computer. We think this is more secure than opening it in your browser. ¶

### The form to attach a file isn't shown ¶

It is only allowed to attach files in the forum if you had written at least 5 posts. ¶

### File size ¶

The maximum file size is 4Mb. ¶

### Allowed type of files ¶

We allow only this type of files: ¶

Extension | Description ¶
-------------- | ---------------- ¶
_\*.wgf_ | Widelands savegame ¶
_\*.wai_ | Widelands configuration of AI ¶
_\*.lua_' | Lua file, usually used for configuring Widelands ¶
_\*.jpg_ , _\*.jpeg_, _\*.gif_, _\*.png_ | Images ¶
_\*.ogg_ | Sound files ¶
_\*.ods_ | Openoffice spread sheet ¶
_\*.zip_ | Compressed archive ¶
_\*.json_ | JavaScript Object Notation ¶
_\*.txt_ | Text files ¶
_\*.csv_ | Comma-separated values as text ¶

### Handling replays ¶

A widelands replay consists of two files: One with extension _\*.wrpl_ and one with extension _\*.wrpl.wgf_ ¶
Please make a zip file containing theses files and upload the zip file. ¶

### I want to show my image in the post ¶

If you have attached an image and want it to be shown directly in your post, you have to save the post first. Then copy the link of the image and edit your post by applying the usual markup: ¶

markdown: ¶

~~~~ ¶
![description](THE IMAGELINK GOES HERE) ¶
~~~~ ¶

BBCode: ¶

~~~~ ¶