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The story that has been here before has been adapted and is currently developed in the [campaigns branch on launchpad]( The first mission will be in build 16. ¶
____________________________ ¶
There will be a lot of additional information needed to get a clearer idea on what the Antlanteans really are. ¶
Things that can only partly be transported in the campaign. ¶
And even where they clearly can, It would help to have a written page for quick reference. ¶

This work is up to those, that have a clear concept in their heads. If I was to phantasize about something here, I would only contradict those existing ideas. ¶

So I am simply pointing out some key questions, independend whether they have been answered or hinted at in the campaign, that I think are relevant and may help to "understand" the Atlanteans better: ¶

+ Where so the Atlanteans themselves believe they came from. Any "Genesis"? ¶
+ Do they have any physical characteristics that set apart from other races? ¶
+ Does "religion" factor into their daily life, and what are those believes, commandments and restrictions? ¶
+ How do they cope as "scientists" when science contradicts religious believes? ¶
+ Are there tendencies for democracy and electing their leaders, or is leadership handed down by heritage? ¶
+ How much individual freedom do Atlanteans have as persons? ¶
+ What is their internal view on their own tribe and alien ones? Is tolerance seen as virtue or weakness? ¶
+ Is there a commonly accepted role definition for sexes, de jure and de facto? ¶
+ There have been references to Atlanteans being a "magic" tribe. What powers do they have? ¶
+ Someone should outline a set of values maybe hierarchical, that are dear to Atlanteans and generally accepted. ¶

... probably work in progress, but it's a start.