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## Code documentation ¶

The [Google Style Guide]( contains a lot of valuable information about this topic. You should read it start to finish - Widelands is drifting towards using it and is already using big parts of it. Keep the following in mind: ¶

* Try to write self documenting code (i.e. useful, descriptive variable names), but document funky implementation details close to where they are defined. ¶
* Document each class and each method in the class in the .h file (not in the .cc file) so that a caller of this method can figure out how to use it by just looking at the header. This means adding a short introduction of the use of the class before the class and a short documentation for callers before each method definition. ¶
* Use [Doxygen]( documentation markup where appropriate. ¶

You can build the doxygen documentation of Widelands usin 'make doc' ¶
from within the CMake build directory. ¶

Lua methods documentation are extracted directly from the Source code and is formatted using [Sphinx](, there you have to document in the .cc file. ¶
See also information about LuaScripting. ¶

## Building Sphinx documentation ¶

First, you need to install Sphinx. On Ubuntu, call: ¶

~~~~ ¶
sudo pip install -U Sphinx ¶
sudo apt-get install python-sphinx ¶
~~~~ ¶

Then change to the sphinx directory: ¶

~~~~ ¶
cd doc/sphinx/ ¶
~~~~ ¶

Then run the commands that are documented in the `README`. This will create an offline copy of the documentation. ¶