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Placing Military Buildings

Consider what resources will be required to build each structure, how it will overlap with other nearby military structures, and whether it can be enhanced at a later time.

Creating More Soldiers

  • You will need a healthy economy (see: Gamehelpbuildinganeweconomy and Barbarianspage, ImperialsPage, Atlanteanspage)

  • Each tribe requires different wares to create a soldier:

    • Barbarian - axe only (not to be confused with the felling axe that is used by lumberjacks and wood hardeners).
    • Imperial - wooden lance and a helmet.
    • Atlantean - light trident and one tabard.
  • Besides needing weapons and armour to equip your soldiers, you will also need to create a demand for them. A demand for soldiers is always created by military buildings that are not fully manned according to the settings you chose.Each military building has an upper limit of soldiers it can hold. You can not exceed this limit, but you can lower it. However, you can not set it to 0, as at least one soldier needs to be present in a military site. You can see that a military building has a demand for additional soldiers when you see something like "Fortress 5 Soldiers (+3)", where the (+3) indicates 3 missing soldiers. In this way, each new military building will create a new demand and a necessity to produce new soldiers, once your initial soldiers are all stationed.

Train Your Soldiers

As long as there are untrained soldiers in your headquarters and warehouses, Training sites will accept untrained soldiers from your stock and release them when they have received all training that the site can provide.
However, a demand for soldiers will be created by training facilities that can accept more soldiers than you currently have available.
Again, the capacity of the trainingsites can be adjusted to your liking in much the same way as with military sites.
So, if your Barbarian trainingscamp can accept 12 trainees (the default), but there are only only 10 soldiers left
that need training in your stock, 2 new ones will be created.
Unfortunately currently (Rev 5269) there is no display to indicate whether your trainingsites work on existing soldiers,
or are creating new ones.

Trainingssites are:

  • Barbarians: Trainingscamp, Battle Arena
  • Empire: Trainingscamp, Arena, Colosseum (enhanced building)
  • Atlanteans: Dungeon, Labyrinth

About training, soldier levels and fighting see also Soldierlevels.

Initiating Combat

  • Build military structures on the contested border to position more soldiers near the field of conflict.
  • Click on any opponents military structure and select the number of soldiers to engage with, then start the attack.
  • Note that the defender may send more soldiers from other structures you can't see yet.
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