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Help for the Widelands Map Editor

With the Map Editor players can create their own maps and scenarios. This document is supposed to describe how to use the Editor with all of its functions (actually it misses a lot - please help to improve it). You can also view an example how to create a map in the Editorhelptutorial.

When you start the Editor you see a plain map with nothing on it yet and nine buttons at the bottom edge of the screen.


Clicking on these buttons (or using hotkeys) has following consequences respectively (from left to right). For further information on any functions please follow the proper link:

Name Description Hotkey(s)
toggle_menu_2014.jpg Menu opens Main Menu H
toggle_tools_2014.jpg Tools opens Tool Menu T
toggle_toolsize_2014.jpg Tool size opens Toolsize Menu 1 through 0
Minimap Minimap toggles Minimap on/off - identical to the Minimap in the game M
Building spacesBuilding spaces toggles Build Help on/off - identical to the Build Help in the game Space
toggle_players_2014.jpg Players opens Player Options P
undo Undo last changes CTRL+z
redo Redo last changes CTRL+y

Pressing 'I' activates information tool. The pointer changes to an "i" and clicking on a terrain or opens a window with Information about this. To close the information toll, you have to select a tool.


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