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The world is not enough< If you want to win, you have to send some ships. But rememeber: your opponents are very close to you.

Comment by uploader:

The shape is based on the Earth, but some changes were added. You will have to expand teritory using expedition, but it won't be easy. The coastline is unfriendly and far away.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:384 x 256
Max. Players:3

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Upload:by einstein13 at 2013-10-13, 21:44
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Nice map, but unfortunately the adversaries are too weak to be dangerous. This map would be much better if the AI could give seafaring to the enemy. And of course the way the ships move goods to and fro is frustrating, I saw how a ship - containing a miner I urgently needed on a nearby island - first crossed the ocean to a port at the other side of the globe, then making the tour of the world, before arriving at the port that could have been reached in less than a minute of time. Aaargh!

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