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Map: Turtle Mountain

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Turtle Mountain


You find yourself at the peak of an ancient volcano, surrounded by enemies. How did you get here? You don't know. Can you survive? Probably not. The gods are clearly not on your side. Good luck though.

Comment by uploader:

This map was designed to give the AI an advantage against the blue tribe, but for a more balanced game you could play one of the other colours. I hope you like it, I've tested with every tribe and there don't seem to be any problems - each one of them can win, although not without some difficulty.

Basic Information:

Author:Tangled Frog
World: Greenland
Dimensions:96 x 96
Max. Players:5

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Upload:by TangledFrog at 2014-08-21, 19:17
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Comments on this Map:


This is a great map to play against AI. The map is quite small and has a 5 players. The blue position has very little resources or land to grow and the other (AI) players have resources in plenty. The only thing that keeps them from exterminating blue early on is they also fight each other.

It took me two a second try to beat this map.


Thanks grantmasterflash - I'm really glad you liked it face-smile.png


Finaly a map that a real challenge when playing against AL! I am going through in the second try.


Thank you peterpecker, I'm glad it was a bit more challenging than the more balanced maps! face-smile.png


good map, although quite inconsistent in its difficulty. against three opponents, you can make a castle and block them. in which case they'll never attack you and you can kick the other player and then everyone else in turn. but if one of them makes a tower in the wrong place, he can attack your castle, and then suddenly you are fighting two or even three players at once and things get really messy. Also, the AI coud use a bit more space. as it is, it barely manages to make new soldiers. But overall, nice job. real difficuult map


Thanks for raising the issue with castles lower down the mountain - it's a big problem and I hadn't noticed! I hope some time in the future we'll be able to edit the maps without cluttering up the website with new versions and then maybe I can fix it, but in the meantime I'll watch out for it in new maps at least.

Giving the AI enough space is an ongoing problem I'm afraid. I would like to avoid giving the human player a huge advantage as soon as one of the other players is beaten, but at the moment that means limiting the AI's resources as well.

I've found they can do quite well even so, if you start them off with a village instead of headquarters, but of course it's not ideal and I hope a better solution will come to light.

Thank you again though for the constructive feedback, especially about the castles face-smile.png


"Giving the AI enough space is an ongoing problem I'm afraid. I would like to avoid giving the human player a huge advantage as soon as one of the other players is beaten" the way i see it, if you can kill one of the four enemies with your tiny starting land, and then fend back the other three long enough to build an economy, then you can certainly also beat the remaining enemies. So that's not really an issue. the map will inevitably become easy once you beat the first enemy, you may as well maximize the first obstacle.

Though, with the newer AIs being given more space, and the limited economy the human can make, that may even make the map too hard.


Gegner Anfangs agressiv (Abstand halten!) - bekommen aber nichts auf die Reihe. Keine Herausforderung für erfahrene Spieler.

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