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Map: Tounges of fire

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Tounges of fire


Three tongues of fire made on this inaccessible land some space. You will have to fight for any space.

Comment by uploader:

The map is full of stones and there is no coal. You can end the game very fast (aobut 3 hours), but also you can play it for a while. Probably you won't run out of iron.

Basic Information:

World: Blackland
Dimensions:112 x 112
Max. Players:3

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Upload:by einstein13 at 2014-01-24, 01:24
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Comments on this Map:


One of my favorite maps.

There are slight imbalances: Yellow and Blue can attack each others mainland directly; red is more isolated. Blue must work a bit more than others to access gold.


Macht Spaß Kohle nur aus Köhlereien herzustellen. Seefahrt (Hafen nahe Kartenmitte - dort gibt es auch Gold, ebenso in der anderen Richtung). Gegner leider wieder mal unfähig.

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