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Teamplay Wisente


It seems as if this magical valley has been inhabited by wisents since the beginning of days. When your tribe came to this place, you were sure that it offered enough space for a peaceful life. But can your tribe live in peace with your neighbors?


The black player is surrounded in the center with no resources, so there are three different ways to use this map: without the black player for a normal 4 players’ map, with a black AI to add a complication to the expansion of the other players, or you can play as a challenge with the black player against the other 4 (VERY difficult).

Comment by uploader:

3v3 Tournament Map

A lot of ways might lead to victory face-smile.png be sure to always keep an attention on your economy and master this test of time

- Maps for Multiplayer Games created and tested by the-x - strategical - graphics might be overdone -

Players are set in balanced positions, but not identical. Good for interesting Multiplayer Games and for Tournaments or Casts. Search "Widelands Cast" on youtube.

Gold is hard to find, so master the challenge to hold your enemy back in an active gameplay.


Basic Information:

Author:the-x, Nasenbaer
World: One World
Dimensions:96 x 96
Max. Players:6
Upload:by the-x at 2020-09-16, 13:32
This map requires a version of Widelands build 21 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


I created some maps, where the focus is on multiplayer:

  • Strategies
  • Gold as a rare ressource
  • Iron is strategically set, there are a lot of possibilities to win the game, game is not linear.

Try - Economy - for best 1v1 Experience and - Teampartner - for best 3v3 Experience with 1 "economic, supporting", 1 full rush fast & one decent Teampartner deciding who to support in between.

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