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Map: Tasmanian Black War

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Tasmanian Black War


Welcome intruder! You're like an european conqueror from an early 1800's when they settled the Van Diemen land - later known as Tasmania. Between 1828-1832 there was a war called Black War in which british empire eradicated almost an entire aboriginal population from the Van Diemen land. The map simulates a scattered british empire but without any advantages - actually it offers some great disadvantages and you will likely have a hard time conquering Tasmania. During the historical Black War the ratio between europeans and aboriginals was around one against ten but this time they're armed to the teeth for a revance. Additional tags: challenge, strategic, beautiful, real world area, scenario


This map is intended to be played as a single player scenario from blue players' starting location. Choose barbarians for the rival tribes and play with an empire. If you want to lose then put them all on the same side but at least I prefer playing every man for himself with an end condition of 50% land area control for 20 minutes. This map isn't suitable for short games and one game will likely take more than ten hours. AI has great capability on this map. One of the computer players will likely also begin seafaring and competes from the best harbor places on the Tasmanian coastal, so you've been warned!

Comment by uploader:

There's also two alternative versions of this map available, but not yet uploaded. One of them is not so seafaring-heavy and one has inland start for the player and so it is much shorter to play.

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:240 x 368
Max. Players:4

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Upload:by Solstice_s_Return at 2020-01-29, 22:23
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


the map is beautiful AND a good challenge. it's a bit of a mix between dust in the wind and the great escape in idea for the challenge. though it's very frustrating to deal with the idiosyncrasies of maritime transport, which are compounded by the huge distances involved.


After some consideration I thought that I must add a warning here. This map has multiple aspects of hardness woven into it. The part KoN noted above just makes this unnecessarily hard and next to impossible for now. To mitigate the seafaring induced problems you may need to use "store here" option for same ware in multiple storage locations to make them evenly distributed to where you need them the most. An another thing is that there will be fierce opposition on the main island. You must expand quickly but tactically and take advantage from enemy actions whenever possible - even with an inferior army. You must also be ready for the final battle soon after one of the opponents' territory size gets past 12000.


A map which is as diabolical as it is beautiful. Get ready to make long-term decisions and treat build spaces as a resource as precious as gold! The shores of Tasmania will be served by no less than a merchant navy fleet if a beachhead is to be secured. The barbarian hordes may be busy with their bloodthirsty infighting but you will not be spared their axes if you choose to step foot on to the mainland.

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