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Map: Nuclear Winter

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Nuclear Winter


After a long series of terrifying events the world is colder than ever. A new ice age reigns supremely and even the most warm places like atols at the equator level are completely frozen. Volcanic activity has reached a highest levels since the start of written history and so this atoll - an old volcano - has also recovered from its almost eternal sleep. Three small tribes struggle for their survival at a time when almost everything is hard to find and worth fight for.

Comment by uploader:

Prepare for an extreme winter. Fish, water and even choppable trees are hard to find. However, the newly found volcano is place of great riches if you can manage to reach the top of it.

Basic Information:

World: Winterland
Dimensions:112 x 112
Max. Players:3
Upload:by Solstice at 2011-11-29, 00:10
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Karte ist mal was anderes - schade nur daß Gegner (KI) zu lasch.

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