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Map: Magic Mountain

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Magic Mountain


Your tribe has lived in this landscape for centuries but you only know the world around your village. But ancient legends tell a story of a magic mountain that is very hard to find and even harder - if not impossible - to reach. It is said to bring infinite wealth to the tribe that gets to it first. Since you are the new leader of your tribe now you have decided to start your journey throug a river landscape to find the Magic Montain and become a legend of your tribe yourself.


8 Players; Very big map; Long Play; Many details to discover

Comment by uploader:

Dear fellow widelanders! This is my first map - I regretted to choose the biggest one a few times - but I worked on it for hours and I hope y'all like it! :) Have fun with it and please, if you like, give me some feedback so I can get better at making fun maps for us all! Stanzusknaxus

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:512 x 512
Max. Players:8
Upload:by stanzusknaxus at 2018-03-27, 02:11
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


beautiful map, i like how you rendered the different terrains.

however, the magic mountain itself is a bit underwhelming. you don't need much gold compared to the other resources, so all those gold you find there is basically useless.


At collectors, gold is not useless face-wink.png


An enjoyable journey, really difficult to play with hardcore starting conditions, only 1 builder and 1 soldier, no tools or metals. It took me several hours to find any iron but an enjoyable struggle.

Would possibly play best as an artifacts game, might be worth mentioning in the hints. I will rate it once I have played some more days.


A 1 to 7 KI landlord game with a recent trunk has crashed my machine after some ours. Nonetheless a beautiful map, starting positions are a bit unbalanced - the green player is very closed to an ore mountain, the others much farer away from that.


Great map! However, it crashed with segmentation fault after 12 hours game play. Widelands version 19



What a monster, great fun! I like the feel of the different biomes - one has to really travel afar for the lands to change. Entertaining battles for the mountains and makes great use of seafaring.


Bei mir lief die Karte nach 16 Stunden noch, aber als ich nach 15 Stunden angefangen habe 2 Gegner anzugreifen und zu vernichten, waren Beide komplett auf Null stehengeblieben - mit ein paar ganz wenigen leicht ausgebildeten Soldaten. Das war mir dann doch zu blöd und ich habe das Spiel beendet.

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