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Map: Lesser Ring 1.2

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Lesser Ring 1.2


A fair 8-player map with natural geographic features dividing land. The geographic features are meant to be somewhat realistic with rivers flowing from glaciers in the mountains through hills and flatlands into the sea. Gold is a much rarer resource compared to coal and iron. Different resources are often found at some distance to each other.

Comment by uploader:

Lesser ring is a fair 8-player map with ring-shaped landmass and sea. It features:

  • Somewhat realistic division of geography - rivers flow glaciers in the mountains through hills and finally plains to the sea.
  • Somewhat realistic distribution of resources: Different resources often found at some distance to each other.
  • Gold is rare, and valuable, especially in the early game.
  • There are places of strategic importance, such as river crossings, that military action focuses on.

Basic Information:

Author:Philipp Klaus Krause
World: One World
Dimensions:192 x 192
Max. Players:8
Upload:by PkK at 2021-01-11, 19:01
This map requires a version of Widelands build 21 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


Hello, I'm using build 21 release and I would like to start this map, I get the message "terrain:Terrain 'ashes1' exists in map, not in world!"

I see similar error on forum but the reply is in German and I don't really understand how to solve it.

Does I have to wait for version 1,0 ?


this map is not compatible with build21. The wrong information is a known bug ( To play it you either need to install a recent development build ( or wait for Release 1.0 (in which this map will be included in the official maps).
There's also an older version of this map available which works with build21:

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