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Island Insanity


16 very rich islands connected by shallow crossings. Each island is large enough fo a whole civilization. This is a flat geometric design for maximum build space, maximum production and maximum war. All start positions are identical with no immediate neighbours. No player has any sort of advantage over any other.

Comment by uploader:

Flat, symmetrical and predictable.

It's designed for doing war rather than looking pretty.

The reason for the strange arrangement of trees and rocks around the start point is to give the AI a good start.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:160 x 160
Max. Players:8
Upload:by slopsbucket at 2014-05-07, 00:20
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Comments on this Map:


Great card, but a wish I would have .. more coal! face-wink.png


Hi BalticSea,

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately more coal would mean less iron, but you can always make coal (charcoal).

If you want to edit the map to make it better and re-submit it I don't mind. Who cares if it ends up with someone else's name on it.

I thought that was what this sharing business was supposed to be all about.




Hi Andrew, I know that you can make charcoal, but the extra industry for me is with my heavy industry, then but a little too expensive ;) But I'll change the card out slightly, the rights remain with you! The changes take place according to the percentage calculation of the settlers 2 map editor. The total amount of iron and gold must be the same as for coal! Then the card is balanced. It says so in the manual of the addon of Settlers 2 ;) While this reduces the difficulty a little, but I think that's ok face-grin.png


Sorry but I've never played Settlers before. Although I've been playing for a few years now, Widelands is my only experience with this type of game.

I am someone who struggles with common social conventions in the real world and I honestly don't believe that I'd ever be able to play with other people online either. Those maps were originally created in Build16 for me to play in Single Player mode and naturally I built them to suit my own style of play.

A feature that I've never used is the Ports and Shipping. We didn't have that in Build16 and when Build17 came out I added a port to each island but it was done with little or no thought towards actually using the shipping. I had a play around today and only just found out that ships can't get past my shallow crossings. face-sad.png

Still, my offer to use and edit those maps as freely is genuine. Even if for nothing else, they are a very handy grid that could be used to help people lay out their own maps. face-smile.png




The one with the ships therefore does not work, because the distance between the squares is not large enough, especially. At the transitions If you make the distance bigger and at the right corner of the square is a port, it should work!

ok if I changed the card, I put them pure.



@BalticSea: I am looking forward to try the changed version. Please publish, when you have it done! face-smile.png Until then, lets try this original "no-seafearing" one!


Oh yes, I just played it for some hours. You need a lot of foresters and lumberjacks! There is enough space, but one gets a bit crazy in the head with so much trees and wood! face-grin.png


Agressive Gegner aber sehr wenig Kohle (muß man selber herstellen) und Steine (nervt, da man sie zum Bauen braucht - also sparen!).

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