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Map: Gothic Khorinis

Maps » Gothic Khorinis
Gothic Khorinis


Blue - Ring of Water, Red - Monastery of Innos, Yellow - Canyon Orcs, Green - Orcs Village, Gray - Continent Orcs, Orange - Khorinis, Violet - Paladins, White - Onar's Farm, Azure - Pirates, Burgund - Bandits, Cream - Xardas


Magic Ore = Iron, No coal, medium and big buildings places are where buildings were in the Gothic game

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Basic Information:

Author:Wojtek, Antek
World: One World
Dimensions:384 x 512
Max. Players:11
Upload:by wojtek at 2022-12-26, 18:29
This map requires a version of Widelands 1.1 or newer!
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