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fjords 1.2


Living among the fjords is hard. Harsh wheather, lack of soil, scarce food, although fish at least is plentyful. The breathtaking scenery won't keep you warm or fed. But don't worry about freezing or starving; the enemy tribe is going to kill you first!


  • You have a limited amount of large building slots available. Use them wisely. - you can use a fortress on one side of the fjord to block the other side; on the defensive, use it; on the offensive, you must conquer both sides

Comment by uploader:

changelog from previous fjords 1.1 map:

short version: subtly improved balance in a way that most people will never notice, but that is nonetheless important in a map designed for high-end competitive multiplayer, and done some fluff

long version:

I noticed from the tournament (although it never became a factor there) that a castle in the right place could block the opposite side of the fjord, preventing the enemy from advancing unless he conquered both sides. After thinking about it, I decided that I liked this feature as a way to introduce new strategies: you can defend on only one side, but to attack you must go both ways. Most important, in that map large building slots are so scarce that nobody was using one for a castle anyway, especially since their main advantage, i.e. difficult to see by the enemy, is promptly negated by the ease of building towers. So I wanted to keep this factor as a way to give players a meaningful decision on whether to use that new large space for a castle, or to make a new farm. On the down side, situations when both players are conquering on one side and racing to kill the opponent first, which were common in the tournament, would be much less difficult to see, so it wasn't an easy decision. But anyway, I had to ensure that this blocking feature worked for all players, because it didn't. So I moved the shoreline a bit in some places.

Other minor stuff I did: fixing some mountain slopes so that it would be easier to make mines on them; made a stretch of sand on the blue player's side so that, if in the future short waterways with carriers on boats will be implemented like they were in settlers 2, both players will have an equal possibility to use them; changed a bit of coast that accidentally gave one player a few more building spaces than the other; done a few small aesthetic changes to the terrain height and the snow cap; changed the hints stating that empire was disadvantaged because, after version 1.1 added a lot of fish, empire can finish the game without piggeries and is therefore no longer disadvantaged; changed the map description to one that I liked more; added my signature to the map, to sate my megalomania face-smile.png

Previous fjords maps:,

Basic Information:

Author:King of nowhere
World: One World
Dimensions:160 x 80
Max. Players:2

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Upload:by king_of_nowhere at 2017-01-03, 20:18
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Diese Karte hat mir keinen Spaß gemacht und der Gegner bleibt auf Null stehen . . .


this map is intended for competitive human vs human play. The AI is unable to build properly here

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