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Map: Egyptian Mandala v1.1

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Egyptian Mandala v1.1


They hardly had time to prepare themselves when they embarked for this island. According to your explorers, however, things will not go as easily as you were told earlier. You should expect fierce opposition. Expand your base and be the first to reach the ring of power.

Comment by uploader:

The map is suitable for both 2 and 3 player teams, and is difficult to win against the computer, especially if all opponents are united in one team and start with citadel- or castle villages. Supports seafaring. Licensed under the GNU General Public License V2.0.

Basic Information:

World: Desert
Dimensions:192 x 192
Max. Players:6
Upload:by fk at 2013-09-01, 13:04
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Comments on this Map:


Schöne Karte, mit Kniffen und Kanten !! ...BlueByte würdig! volle 10 Sterne ^^


Enjoying this map. The deserts make it more interesting. Also the fact that each side starts in its own enclave helps a lot.

I noticed (after switching from Amazons to Empire) that not all mountains have resources. It is not a problem since there are many mountains.

The only complaint I would have is that the port spaces are hard to find and it doesn't seem worthwhile to use them either. If the ports are all in the starting enclaves then what chance is there for one side to build a ship so fast that it can steal another player's port? I'd delete the ports or add some on the central circle or add some islands to settle on. (BTW if there are some on central circle they are too hard to find, I have not seen one after 2 games)

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