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Dystopian games


Our masters have found yet another way to distract us from their wrong doings. As long as we get to see which tribe brings them the more artifacts, the horrors they do in plain sight don't seem to interest anyone. Good luck to all contestants, for you are the first victims of this sad joke. ( the map is intended for artifacts. I mightdo a version without seefaring to make it better for teritorial/autocrat. Either ffa or 4 2-player teams seem appropriate. )


The map is shaped like a tournament bracket. The starting points are : { (blue; red) (yellow; green) } { (orange; pink) (white ; gray) } If you play with teams, I highly recommand that you make sure 2 members of a team can only meet on the finals.

Comment by uploader:

This is a modification of my previous map. it's a bit easier for the A.I. (untill port space), the last strip is shorter, and I changed the ressources distribution.

I playtested my previous map only twice but this version seem better

I still have some concerns :

  • not nough stone mine spaces for Empire? (there is enough granite on the map, but dimonds etc might run out too fast)

  • duration of the game : For an average player I guesstimate 5h (+/-1h) to reach the "finals" island without having clean all opponent in the bracket. I didn't change that but still can make it a bit shorter. I havn't tested yet how long it takes to reach the last artifact from the port space, it should be long enough that the winner of the other side of the brackets has a chance to be a bit late but still annoy, but not too long that it's boring and there is nothing to do. I guess 1 game-hour should be good, what do you think?

Have fun.

Ps : There might come a better looking version sometime. But I'm a rather practical individual, screw aestetics for now !

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:224 x 224
Max. Players:8
Upload:by BoeseKaiser at 2019-10-18, 11:51
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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