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dolomites 3.0


The jewel of the alps, the dolomites mountain range has been declared a world heritage site for its pristine beauty. This map is an as-faithful-as-reasonable reconstruction of the area delimited by Cortina d'Ampezzo in the north-east and Canazei in the south-west. If you have to be pitted in a duel to the death with your enemies, it may as well be in a beautiful place.


  • there is lot of flat ground on the mountains. Unfortunately, most of it is vertical. Use wisely the little building space you have. - A fortress at the mouth of a narrow mountain pass can be a formidable obstacle to an enemy army. Use the terrain to your advantage - chop all trees and expand wherever you can; it's the only way to find all the precious farm spaces - suggested teams: red+orange+blue+violet

Comment by uploader:

changelog from previous dolomites map:

  • 2 new players added: selva di val gardena (white) and san vito di cadore (purple). Now the map is for 8 players, and it makes more sense like that.

  • improved balance: to ensure that all players have the same amount of buildable space (30 medium slots, 20 large slots, though one could get more large slots by sacrificing some medium ones and viceversa)

  • more buildable space: there are more medium and large building slots available to every player. Now you have the space to build towers and gaze upon the mighty mountains! Now you can play with empire without being screwed by lack of space for piggeries!

  • improved access to some mountain passes: mountain passes were always intended as formidable obstacles to climb, but some were too much so.

  • improved hints: to help players deal with a difficult terrain

  • less adherence to real topography: unfortunately face-sad.png to fit two more players and give more space for everyone, I had to add space for settlements where none is in the real dolomites, and the feeling of building an empire out of towns and hamlets scattered here and there amid the majestic mountains is weakened as a result. You can't have everything. Anyway, the position of the mountain tops and valleys to perfectly reproduce that of the real place has been left untouched.

Old dolomites map:

Basic Information:

Author:King of nowhere
World: One World
Dimensions:304 x 208
Max. Players:8

7.78 (9 Votes) Please log in to vote.

Upload:by king_of_nowhere at 2017-01-03, 13:24
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


I really enjoyed this map! Nice peace of art, King of Nowhere!


Nicht schlecht, wenig große Bauplätze erfordert gute Planung, viele enge Schluchten und somit weite Wege zu den allermeisten Gegnern, "ich gegen den Rest" ist für erfahrene Spieler keine Herrausforderung weshalb für mich die Gegner gerne stärker sein könnten. Ich wurde auch NIE angegriffen. Nehmt nicht "Atlanter" da zu wenig Fische - was schade ist da die kleinen Bergwerke nerven (ständig keine Ressourcen).


Lovely map, presents really interesting challenges, players have to adapt to the terrain; which is the whole spirit of the game. Every bit of building space has to be used meaningfully and efficiently, not an excessive challenge but just right to me.

I've played every faction and had success, some starts are a bit better than others of course, but everyone including the Amazons has a fair shake.

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