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Map: Desert Wonderland Mark 2

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Desert Wonderland Mark 2


A volcanic desert island with several smaller islands close by. Previous inhabitants on the mainland have marked fish breeding areas, subterranean water and some resource deposits with standing stones. Except for coal, there are only limited deposits of resources on the main island. Large deposits can be found on the small islands.


Build water wells in the hollows near the standing stones where there is no flowing water. Build ships to travel to the small islands. Instead of using the limited gold in the mainland mines for your army, use the gold to explore small islands.

Comment by uploader:

Here is a four player map with a challenge. The mainland has a lot of desert area with a volcano in the middle and four lava flows going all the way to the ocean.

There are 8 small islands surrounding the mainland. Except for coal, the mainland only has three mines for each resource per tribal area. There are ample resources on the islands. Coal is plentiful with mine sites along the edge of the lava flows as well as on two of the small islands.

The challenge is that you must work your geologist by setting flags in different spots on the mountains and sending the geologist multiple times until you discover which potential mine sites actually have a lot of the resource.

Two of the gold mines for each tribe are actually on the end of coal deposits so you need to make the geoligist examine every mine spot to find the Gold mines. The third gold mine is in one of the two corners where you can cross over into the neighbouring tribal area. This gold mine is alone and at ground level covered by four rocks and marked with a standing stone.

Fishing areas are all the way around the coast and are marked by pairs of standing stones (each pair may be laying down or standing straight).

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:192 x 192
Max. Players:4
Upload:by Lawrence at 2021-04-23, 04:52
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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