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Dark Forest


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Comment by uploader:

Welcome to the dark forest. To reach the interior of the island, you have to find a way through the forest. Each resource is available to a great extent. The map is also playable for multiplayer games and suitable for every people. Ports are also available and offer an interesting possibility.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:4

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Upload:by BalticSea at 2014-05-09, 06:19
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Comments on this Map:


Hi BalticSea,

Haven't had a great deal of time to play with it yet but I like the way it starts.

The trees give you plenty of start time and the home ground is flat so you can space your buildings properly for good roads (only ever 2 squares between flags, never 3).




Hi Andrew, I also like to start this way. Currently I am working on a new map for 8 players. Each starts with a hill, filled with granite. No stones at the beginning of the game, and there will probably be another huge forest. An island but it will not be!;-)

Greetings from Germany Tobi


Very nice map, thank you! The AI, nevertheless, stupidly builds to much forester to move on. I played this yesterday with mars and two computer players. I can imagine there would be a great battle playing this with 4 human players!



Hello, yes you're right, the computer player is not just in front of smart. But I just Earn an improvement in that I manage the forest something bright and so paths to the players! greeting Baltic


Seefahrt, agressive Gegner, die aber später kein Problem darstellen. Interessant.

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