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concentric rings


A map for solo challenge. You start from the middle, and you gradually fight your way outside. At every ring you will find a new enemy, each stronger than the previous one. Kill them fast: every ore your opponent digs from the mines is one less ore that you will have to fight the next ring. But you will also have to fight with your stretching logistics. Port spaces are under the enemy headquarters.

Comment by uploader:

Another solo challenge by King of Nowhere! This is my favorite solo challenge map so far. Probably also the most difficult - though great escape with barbarians vs 7 atlanteans or no metal challenge with atlanteans were fairly hardcore too. What I like about this map is the adaptability and creativity required. The other maps were relatively straightforward: there was a clear way to win, you just had to do it right. In concentric rings, you need to adopt several different strategies as the game progresses and your main problem switches from lack of space, to lack of resources, to unmanageable travel times. To win this map you need to master many different aspects of the game, from road building to warehouse micromanagement. Some of it was serendipitous. I couldn't defeat the map at first, but just as I was about to change it to reduce the human's disadvantage, I had an eureka moment and found some very creative solutions. It was very satisfying, and I hope you can get the same satisfaction when playing this map too. Map is most difficult to play against atlantean opponents, easier against barbarians. It is more difficult to play with barbarians, easier with empire. For easy mode, play empire vs 7 barbarians; for hard mode, play barbarians vs 7 atlanteans. P.S. Playing time is around 50 hours; if it's not your cup of cake, don't try this map. If you want a faster game, you can try to play with only 4 or 5 opponents. Hints: What? You really thought I was going to give hints there? What kind of challenge would it be then? MUAHAHAHAHA!

Basic Information:

Author:King of nowhere
World: One World
Dimensions:320 x 320
Max. Players:8
Upload:by king_of_nowhere at 2016-01-10, 07:38
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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Comments on this Map:


I won on this map against a team of 7 normal random-tribe AIs (build19)

A big challenge indeed


I tried it out using build bzr9141. Played Frisians, against random opponents.

I managed to zerg rush the first enemy (Atlanteans) with only rookies before they could train their soldiers. Finished them off in about two and a half hours.

Unfortunately I suffered some losses and wasn't strong enough to fight the second enemy (Barbarians) when I reached them. I had to play defensively and slowly train my soldiers. This wasn't going well as I ran out of iron and had to rely on scraps from depleted mines. I finally killed them off after 15 hours, although I think I could've done it a little earlier.

After that, none of the subsequent enemies posed a problem. The 3rd, 4th and 6th enemies (all Empire) all ran out of marble and stopped expanding. It seems this map doesn't have enough marble for Empire AIs, or they're very bad at managing it. Or both.


I don't know what went wrong with the 5th enemy (also Empire). They simply stopped expanding at some point without any apparent reason. They didn't lack soldiers, building materials or space...

I might have screwed up by not putting the AIs into one team. I didn't think it would matter as they can't reach each other, but it might still have affected their decisions.

After 50 hours I've conquered most of ring 5 and stopped playing, as it was getting really repetitive and boring at that point.

I loaded a replay to peek behind the fog of war and I'm unsure whether I'd be able to get to the last ring on time. The last enemy (Atlanteans) expanded dangerously far, but was advancing really slowly at this point, so I'm unsure what would've been the end result.


Leider kam ich im 3. Ring nicht weiter, da ich keinen Hafen bauen konnte, weil der Gegner vom 4. Ring gegenüber eine Burg gebaut hat, und einen Teil meines Ringes damit blockiert hat. Da die Gegner in jedem Ring direkt starten, ist es keine Frage der Schnelligkeit vom Menschen sondern reiner Zufall ob die Hafenbaustelle noch frei ist oder nicht. Schade um die vergeudete Zeit. Unbegreiflich warum der Kartenersteller nicht mehrere Hafenbauplätze eingerichtet hat.

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